Argan cream skin doctor, Hand Cream and Argan Hair Serum

Argan cream skin doctor, Hand Cream with Ostrich oil skin doctor and Argan hair Serum

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1 Argan cream skin doctor

Description :
One of the types of creams that are famous in the Maghreb countries, and are extracted from the trees,
There are two types: the first type, which enters the preparation of foods, and the second type, which enters the various cosmetic fields.

Works on:
• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.
• Treats various skin problems, such as: dehydration, eczema, and redness
• Moisturizes the skin, thus preventing it from drying and peeling.
• Limits the appearance of acne on the skin.
• Moisturizes the skin after removing excess hair.

Hand cream with Ostrich oil skin doctor
Description :
It is oil taken from ostrich oil, which is non-viscous and contains omega-6 and 3, vitamins A and E,It helps to regenerate skin cells, eliminates wrinkles and is used to stretch nails.

Works on:
• Wound healing, treatment of skin dryness
• Strengthens nails and treats sunburn.


Deeply moisturizing& nourishing.
Regain strength and coating the hair, repair hair structure.
The hair is brittle and tear easily turn a vibrant shine.

This hair serum is a unique blend of various hair-nourishing natural oils and vitamins. Argan oil in this formula helps
restoration of the damaged hair deeply and protects hair from damage caused by the sun rays.

ORIGIN Thailand

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